Why Choose Us


As one of the highly reputable companies in the country and a proven record of accomplishments, our programs are conducted with utmost professionalism using quality materials while providing students sufficient guided support and accessibility.


Our trainers and instructors are ensured to have obtained valid certifications as well as standard recognition prior to provide hands-on training and relative materials, all of whom have received numerous awards in the industry.


We commit to constantly improve with the latest technologies as well as the current tools and equipment utilized globally so as to ensure that the skills adopted after the program retains its relevancy in the market.


IMM Ir Chiew 1 706x1024 AMW Tech

MAS-ACB Certification for AWF-CWCS Welder Skill Training Program

IMM Dr. Edwin 1.1 724x1024 AMW Tech

MAS-ACB Certification for AWF-CWCS Welder Skill Training Program

HRDF Dr. Edwin 1 730x1024 AMW Tech

HRDF Certified Trainer Certificate
Our aim is to be the Best in Class in Metallurgy and Welding technologies to uphold the Company’s Business Objective and Professional status; while providing Centre of Excellence for Professional Training and Welding Technology Development with industrial recognition; ensuring a Technically Competence in the Relevant Engineering Fields to Uphold Company Image and Reputation.

SMAW Welding Set AMW Tech

SMAW Welding Set

GTAW Welding Set AMW Tech

GTAW Welding Set

GMAW Welding Set AMW Tech

GMAW Welding Set

FCAW Welding Set AMW Tech

FCAW Welding Set

Groove Weld AMW Tech