Course Code A) Technical Courses for Engineers, Technical Personnel/Management Duration (Day)
TC-101 An overview of Materials Strength Requirements in Welding Design 2
TC-102 API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment In The Refining Industry 3
TC-103 Fabrication Quality and Application in Engineering 2
TC-104 ISO 29001 – Quality Management Systems, 1
TC-105 ISO 9001—Quality Management System: Quality Audit Experience 2
TC-106 Materials and Metallurgy 2
TC-107 Metallurgy and Materials Behaviors during Welding 2
TC-108 Quality Control, Safety and Inspection during Fabrication by Welding 2
TC-109 Solidification and Phase Transformation in Welding of Steels, Aluminum & Titanium Alloys 1
TC-110 Welding Design and Construction/Fabrication by Welding 2
TC-111 Welding Processes & Welding Equipment (Welding Technology for Engineers) 2
TC-112 Welding Technology for Engineering Management Personnel 2
TC-113 A 3-Day Welding Fabrication Awareness Course for Technical Personnel 3
TC-114 A 5-Day Workshop on Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Materials for Technical Personnel 5
Course Code B) Certification Courses for Inspectors Duration (Day)
CC-201 BV Certified Welding Inspector I & II Courses including Written, Practical and Oral Assessments 6
CC-202 Mastering English Language and Technical Report Writing for Certified Inspectors 8
Course Code C) Training & Certification Courses for Skill Welders Duration (Month)
Welder Skill Training, Qualification, Assessment and Certification to Internationally Recognized Welding Codes including AWS D1.1, ASME Section XI, API 1104, ISO 9606-1, etc...
TC-301 SMAW Process to 6G Positions + WQT 3
TC-302 GTAW Process to 6G Positions + WQT 3
TC-303 Combined Processes (GTAW +SMAW) to 6G positions + WQT 3
TC-304 Refresher & Re-certification of Welder Skill Training Course Days
TC-304A SMAW Process to 6G Positions + WQT 5
TC-304B GTAW Process to 6G Positions +WQT 5
TC-304C GMAW Process to 6G Positions + WQT 5
TC-304D FCAW Process to 6G Positions + WQT 5
TC-305 Course in Welding Technology – Guidelines for Welding Instructors 5
TC-306 Courses in Welding Stainless Steels including Ferritic, Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels 5